Cingular, MySpace shake hands, big-time

Cingular, MySpace shake hands, big-time


How’s this for expanding? MySpace, recently added into Rupert Murdoch’s worldwide Fox empire, is now cutting a deal with Cingular to bring the popular-beyond-belief social networking site to the mobile phones of America’s largest cellular provider.

That should bring tons of cash flowing into the MySpace coffers, through mobile ads and streaming content and so forth. Such efforts are part of News Corp. efforts to wring profits out of the sprawling MySpace site, which has tons of traffic but not a whole lot of opportunities for making money.

If nothing else, the deal will increase the visibility of MySpace, if that’s possible. As the feasibility of mobile browsing becomes even more widespread, such availability will grow as well. Especially with smartphones, Cingular users can participate in the full MySpace experience anywhere they can get cellular coverage.