Skydigital offers T-DMB through ultra-small USB receiver

Skydigital offers T-DMB through ultra-small USB receiver


Ah, Korea. A wonderfully technologically advanced nation filled with incredible cell phones and multimedia up the wazoo. We all know that several Korea-bound devices already boast DMB reception, but for those that don’t, there is this handy accessory. About the same size as a thumb drive, the Skydigital SKY-DMB Mini Stick plugs into any USB port and provides you with T-DMB on the go.

The immediate application would be with a laptop, but the provided PR picture depicts the SKY-DMB Mini Stick being used with a PMP of some sort. I didn’t know those came with regular USB ports, but this is Korea after all.

The “high-sensitivity” antenna swivels up to grab the best signal, whereas the time-shift feature and one-touch recording give you that extra functionality you need. Expected price is the very reasonable 54,000KRW (US$58) range.