“Free” Music Edition upgrade to garden variety Nokia N73

“Free” Music Edition upgrade to garden variety Nokia N73


You were the hottest kid on the block when you picked up your freshly unpackaged Nokia N73, but then along came John from down the street with his Music Edition. What can you do? While he won’t help you create that slick black casing, an All About Symbian forum member has figured out how to toss Music Edition firmware into a garden variety Nokia N73.

Of course, you won’t get all those snazzy new accessories either, but at least you’ll get the music-centric menu and OS going on. All it takes is a “simple change of the phone’s product code… to fool Nokia’s Software Update app into thinking you’re a Music Edition.”

Whether this voids your warranty or turns your multimedia candbyar into an expensive paper weight, well, that’s up to you to decide and/or choose. The original thread can be found here.