Cingular-bound LG CU400 first 3G phone with PTT

Cingular-bound LG CU400 first 3G phone with PTT


For today’s “world’s first”, we’re not looking at a skinny phone from Samsung. Bow to the greatness known as the LG CU400, the first 3G phone for Cingular Wireless to come with “convenient Push to Talk (PTT) technology.”

The unassuming clamshell boasts high-speed UMTS for data with quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE backing that up for most of your other cellular needs. Of course, you’ve also got that nifty PTT stuff going on too, with the added ability of converting PTT calls to cellular calls.

Other key features include streaming live TV and digital radio via MobiTV & MobiRadio, preloaded games (Tetris, Ms. Pac-Man, Diner Dash, World Poker Tour, and Platinum Sudoku), a VGA camera with video, customizable shutter tones, monochrome STN external LCD, Bluetooth 1.2, and one-touch speakerphone.

Lock ‘er down for two years, deal with the mail-in-rebate, and the Cingular-branded LG CU400 can be yours for just 30 bucks.