2nd-gen iPod nano gets voice recording from XtremeMac

2nd-gen iPod nano gets voice recording from XtremeMac


You love your new-gen Apple iPod nano and for good reason. It’s super skinny (which is all the rage for any portable electronic device), it’s got that nifty click wheel, and it’s rocking a scratch-resistant aluminum body. What else could you possibly ask for? Oh, right, voice recording. You can now add that functionality thanks to XtremeMac, who just announced a new MicroMemo and MemoMic.

The MicroMemo hi-fi audio recorder not only plays nice with the 2nd-gen nano, it was “designed specifically” for it. The microphone is flexible and detachable, whereas audio recording need not be more than a one-touch operation. You’ll also find a built-in speaker for instant playback. Available for pre-order now for sixty bones.

The new MemoMic, on the other hand, only costs $30 and is available now. It’s a lapel microphone that works in tandem with the MicroMemo (or with “any device sporting a 3.5mm jack.”