UMA-capable Nokia 6086 approved by FCC, T-Mobile bound

UMA-capable Nokia 6086 approved by FCC, T-Mobile bound


The Nokia 6086 has popped up on the FCC website and while it may look like another generic Nokia flip phone, it rocks something that will certainly grab your attention: UMA.

Here’s a little background for the uninitiated. Standing for Unlicensed Mobile Access, UMA (also known as Generic Access Network or “GAN”) is a system that allows for seamless roaming and handover between local and wide-area networks using a dual-phone cell phone (like the 6086). What this means is that it can use GSM when it needs to, but in the presence of a WiFi access point, it can hop onto that local WLAN network instead and do its talking in a SIP-based manner.

Is this more than mere coincidence? T-Mobile is trying their hand at UMA technology and then along comes this juicy little number. Now that the FCC has given the Nokia 6086 the go ahead, there is a distinct possibility that it’s heading for T-Mo of the USA. For porno shots of all the interior chips and guts, check out the FCC website (warning: PDF link).