TuneView remote gets your iPod menu big

TuneView remote gets your iPod menu big


OK, I really like this product, but I’m afraid that the remote looks too much like every other kind of remote and I’d just lose it on the coffee table or in the sofa cushions.

It’s the TuneView for iPod, from Keyspan, and its main claim to fame is its color LCD screen and two-way RF connectivity. Nothing like being able to see your iPod menu on your plasma TV screen and in your hand.

You get more than just that common-looking remote, though. You also get an iPod dock, which has an S-Video jack (of course) and can connect directly to your home stereo. This being an iPod dock, you can also charge that MP3 player and sync it to a PC as well.

One other cool feature of this product is its ability to communicate with you in four languages: English, French, German, and Spanish. Keyspan is definitely looking to expand its market.

The company also wants you to know that the dock and remote have firmware that can be updated (and will, at future dates). The price is just US $179.