Realeyes3D scribbles, scans from your mobile

Realeyes3D scribbles, scans from your mobile


Now you can share your terrible handwriting with your friends.

That’s just one of the possible uses for Phone2Fun, a new software application from Realeyes3D that incorporates your written words and your digital images in new ways. The technology was showcased at Nokia World recently.

The possibilities allow for you to scribble a note or draw a map and include directions, take a shot of your scribblings with your cameraphone, and then filter the photo through the software, which makes it look all nice and pretty. This is using the Digitiser.

If you’re looking to do more business-related photo-sending, you can opt for Mobile Scanning, which works well with documents, white boards, and other such business elements.

Perhaps the most exciting feature, at least for those who like to have fun with their photos, is the Postcard option, which allows you to combine photos with “scrawlings”. You can take a picture, scribble a note like “Wish you were here,” and combine the two in order to send. You can even add color to your text.

All of this assumes that you have a phone that is MMS-capable and, of course, that the people you are sending these images to have MMS capability as well.

So we have a cool concept, but what about availability? Well, we’re still waiting on that.