Next Apple MacBook Pro to be super skinny

Next Apple MacBook Pro to be super skinny


We’ve seen just about every cell phone maker jump on the “slim is in” bandwagon (heck, even Nokia is doing it), so it only makes sense that the other portable electronic thing we carry around follow suit. There are rumblings over at MacScoop which state that Apple is “in the final development stages for an ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook Pro sub-notebook.”

Of course, there are next to no solid details concerning this super portable computer, but it’s clear that should this hold up, the next-generation MacBook Pro will be substantially thinner and lighter than the already slick-looking renditions. As far as specs, your guess is probably as good as mine, but the general consensus is some sort of dual-core processor, widescreen display, and a built-in SuperDrive.

“Well-informed” analysts are placing their best on a price of “around $1700 to $1800”. No word on dates.