Gresso not the only one to get a woody over a cell...

Gresso not the only one to get a woody over a cell phone


Gresso isn’t the only company that decided that chopping down a tree was the best thing that ever happened to the mobile telecommunications industry. Hulger has developed the PIP*PHONE, their first handset constructed of Ziricote, an African hardwood. The “dark, marbled grain” is certainly attractive and all, but now that you’ve stripped it of its natural moisture, how do you maintain that sexy wooden look?

Fear not, because should you drop the £2000 (US$4000) needed to buy the Hulger PIP*PHONE, you’ll get a bonus gift: a jar of wax, cleverly labelled “wax.” As far as the tech specs go, well, they’re pretty slim. What we can tell you is that the phone itself is pretty skinny, but considering that the promo shot is of the back of the phone (showing off that Ziricote wood), we can’t even tell you waht the button layout looks like. There’s probably no camera though.