Top Tech of the week – 12.01.2006


    I don’t know where you are, but where I live it was cold this week. Really, really, really cold. So cold that you couldn’t drool or it would freeze in a big long icicle right on your lip. When it’s that cold, the only thing that makes life worth living is dreaming about all the new technology that is out there that could change the weather and make it warmer. Or at least distract you from your bitter reality. Here is this week’s Top Tech, five innovations that could definitely do that:

    Nissan Electric Car – Nissan is lagging behind competitors Honda and Toyota in hybrid vehicles, but they are hoping to leapfrog their enemies when it comes to electric vehicles. The company is hoping to have a fully electric vehicle, powered by lithium ion batteries, on the market within just three years. If that’s true, then that means that electric vehicles will likely be available from Nissan before their hybrids are.

    Kenwood DAP – Take this Apple! Kenwood has unveiled a DAP that is only slightly larger than Apple’s shuffle, yet it put’s that trendy little tie clip to shame. The HD10GB7 has a 1.5 inch color display on the outside, and 10 whopping gigabytes of storage under the hood via a hard drive. The 24 hours of battery life you get is nice, but the price tag of $345 makes the Shuffle more attractive in at least one regard.

    New Xerox paper – Recycling paper sounds like a great idea in principle, but it is such a pain to do in reality. A new innovation from Xerox makes it incredibly easy. The new paper is coated with some special chemicals. Whatever is printed on the paper fades away over time until it is completely invisible 16 to 24 hours after you print it. That means you can print something, read it over, then use the same paper again the next day. Just don’t print a term paper on it.

    Hitachi DZHS500A camcorder – In the market for a new camcorder, but can’t decide whether to go with a HDD or DVD model? Now you don’t have to decide. This new camcorder from Hitachi offers both choices. There’s even an SD slot if neither of those options work for you.

    Rollertoaster – Want to get rich? Apparently what you need to do is come up with a completely ridiculous kitchen gadget and give it a painfully clever name. Like the Rollertoaster. It’s like a single page scanner, except it uses bread instead of paper, and it toasts instead of scans. It’s just a concept for now, but obviously you and everyone you know needs one.