Pink camouflage phone: all flash, little bling

Pink camouflage phone: all flash, little bling


The eye candy on this model far surpasses the functionality. It’s a camouflage design—in pink, no less—, but behind the flash there’s little bling.

I’m thinking that Xena would be someone who would use this kind of thing. Other mobile users who have many skills may be interested as well, although they might opt for the black version, which is a little easier to stomach.

Whichever color you choose for the Sony Ericsson Z530i Camouflage, you’ll get an updated phone with some of the usual features, including an MP3 player and a VGA camera. Bluetooth capability is in there as well, and you can add on a better-than-average color-coordinated pair of headphones from Skullcandy.

The camouflage version is part of a Sony partnership with noted youth-marketers Boost Mobile, which explains a bit. You can get both phone and headphones for US$179.