Off-load memory card files to TEAC portable drive

Off-load memory card files to TEAC portable drive


If you always just a hop and a skip away from your home computer, then this may not be particularly useful for you. For anyone who is on the road though — like on vacation — the TEAC portable drive could very well be a godsend, swallowing up a wide range of memory cards, backing up that precious data everywhere you go.

The most obvious application would be pairing it with a digital camera so that you can off-load those photographs and have a fresh memory card to work with. Among the many formats it supports are Compact Flash (CF), Secure Digital (SD), Memory Stick Pro, and miniSD. There is a tiny LCD to keep you in the know, but it won’t double as an MP3 player nor will the data transfer work in the other direction (HDD to mem card).

No word on pricing, but the TEAC portable drive will be available in capacities ranging from 40GB on the low-end, all the way up to 120GB on the high-end.