MP3 doorbell for your home

MP3 doorbell for your home


This is such a clever idea that I wonder why it hasn’t been invented (or at least mass-marketed) before. It’s a doorbell that can play an MP3 instead of those ding dong sounds that have annoyed people for years.

Using the DoorLinX DX100, from NetStreams, you can use any MP3 file as your greeting when someone rings the doorbell. You can even record your voice to use a greeting, like your phone answering machine.

The company also says that you can customize the ringtones by doors. In other words, the front door greeting sound can be different from the back door greeting.

One other cool feature: You can shut the MP3s off altogether by putting the whole thing in Do Not Disturb mode.

The doorbell device is an extension of the company’s overall commitment to IP-based audio products. They already make a host of other such products, and this one seems anticlimactic by comparison. It’s not even available yet. The product information says it should be, but it’s not.