Ferrari World theme park to be built in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World theme park to be built in Abu Dhabi


If someone were to tell me that they were planning a theme park, one that paid tribute to the legendary Italian supercar-maker, I would have never guessed that the chosen location would be Abu Dhabi. But, you know what, that’s exactly the case today.

There are two notable factors here. First, the Persian Gulf emirate holds 8% of the world’s oil, and we all know how much oil (prices) affect the automotive world. Second, the Abu Dhabi ruling family, al-Nahyan, has a solid 5% stake in Ferrari SpA. I guess those are pretty good reasons.

They’ll plan on transforming a 2,500 acre island into “Ferrari World”, a premier luxury tourist destination. This “high-tech” theme park will feature “simulator rides, roller coasters, an interactive museum and a theatre with an Italian-themed play and a race track.” The entire transformation comes with a bill amounting to $40 billion.

Abu Dhabi… isn’t that where Garfield keeps sending Nermal?