Video: Cool folding mouse lets your fingers glide

Video: Cool folding mouse lets your fingers glide


This is definitely something you should look twice at, even if you never see one again. It’s the M-D13UR, a mouse from Elecom; but it’s not like any other mouse you’ve seen.

For starters, you won’t find a scroll wheel. Rather, it’s a touch pad that you can glide your finger across. Your RF module hides in one of the sides and can then eject and be plugged into any USB port.

As you can see from gazing at the pictures, you can also prop up the mouse in the middle, making it a bit more ergonomic for your poor wrist and fingers. The best feature, however, is the fold-up one. The base twists a full 180 degrees so you can transport the M-D13UR with ease.

You’ll begin to see these in Japan in about two weeks, with a price tag of 7,875 yen. If they ever do reach the West, expect to pay at least US$68 for one. Check the video below courtesy of Impress.