Verizon-bound Motorola W315 looks like PEBL

Verizon-bound Motorola W315 looks like PEBL


At first glance, at least from the outside, you would probably think that the Motorola W315 is a variation of the PEBL, except it has that unsightly external antenna. This entry-level clamshell is set to join the Verizon Wireless party on December 1st.

It’s definitely bargain-minded, and it’s got the features to match. The external display is a monochrome unit, the internal is of the 65k STN color variety, and there appears to be nary a camera in sight. The highest speed data you’ll enjoy is 1xRTT, but you’ll be able to keep your hands free while driving with the speakerphone function.

Lock yourself down for two years and nab for just 30 bucks, or buy the W315 outright for $150.