Socket Seekers complain about power outlet shortage in airports


    With increased security at airports, it seems more and more difficult to even bring your cell phone on board with you. And let’s not even get into the issue of exploding laptop batteries. But what about when you’re waiting in the airport lounge during your layover and you want to check your e-mail? Sure, several airports are boasting free WiFi these days, but most don’t have nearly enough power outlets, so says the New York Times (and I agree).

    This may not be all that big a deal to those of your rocking the ultra-portable laptops with 12-inch screens and less-than-gargauntuan processors, as you’ve typically got in excess of 4 hours of power, but what about businesspeople boasting 14 or 15-inch laptops (or even gamers with 17-inch monsters)?

    When asked why there aren’t more power sources, officials cite “security.”