Performance and daily usability in Honda REMIX concept

Performance and daily usability in Honda REMIX concept


With a long sloping roof, huge wheels, and some rather unique lighting, the Honda REMIX is a sport compact of a different breed. Announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, this two-seat sports car is said to focus both on “performance” and “daily usability”, a balance that is impossibly difficult to maintain.

Dubbed “pure Honda to the core”, the REMIX is said to focus on a “simple, lightweight and fun-to-drive philosophy”, sounding an awful lot like the Honda S2000, for example. This latest concept is the brainchild of Honda’s Southern California design studio, and as you would probably expect from a small sports car from Honda, it boasts a front-wheel-drive layout mated to a 4-cylinder engine of some sort. For performance, they’ve included a sport suspension, aggressive tires, and big brakes.

I’d imagine the sight lines out the back aren’t the greatest, but you’ll want to keep both eyes in front as you tear down the test track.