O2 launches new navigating XDA into “Orbit”


    UK users will soon have another option when it comes to a full-featured PDA phone, as the GPS-enabled O2 XDA orbit has just been (pardon the pun) launched. While it is perfectly capable of doing all the smartphone things you’ve grown accustomed to this past little while (especially with smartphone sales on the rise), but the biggest selling point here is the integrated GPS chipset.

    With the O2 XDA Orbit, you’ll be able to navigate using the pre-loaded CoPilot Live satnav package, complete with maps of the UK and Ireland. There’s real-time traffic readers in London, options to avoid toll roads, and even the ability to “view a location in real-time.”

    The rest of the smartphone goodies run as thus: 2.0MP cam, MP3/AAC player, FM radio, WiFi, WinMo 5, and a wonderful 2.8-inch color TFT LCD touchscreen. More information — including prices — can be found here.