Kenwood squeezes 10GB into tiny HD10GB7 DAP


    It’s not the smallest MP3 player on the market, but it’s got to come pretty darn close. The Kenwood HD10GB7 digital audio player is only a hair bigger than the iPod shuffle, yet it manages to boast not only a 1.5-inch color display, but also a whooping ten gigabytes of storage.

    In this way, it’s being touted as the “world’s smallest 10GB hard drive-based player.” You can certainly appreciate its slick exterior, glowy blue nav panel, and solid 24 hours of battery life. Available in white or black, the HD10GB7 is just 62x44x17mm (2.5×1.7×0.6 inches).

    It does cost ten times as much as the shuffle, but it also provides ten times the storage capacity. Look for it on a Japanese shelf, priced at $345.