iSound: mesmerizing speakers for your DAP

iSound: mesmerizing speakers for your DAP


The last time I put my hands on something like this, my hair stood on end.

You remember those, right, the static electricity machines that your high school science teacher trotted out once a year to illustrate the importance of … something?

OK, so that’s not what the iSound Plasma Speaker System is designed to do. It’s really a set of speakers for pumping out music with a new twist.

The plasma lamp pulses as heavily as you want the volume to be loud, and the result is electromagnetic lightning that is sure to be a hit at parties. The one danger I can foresee is that I might catch myself staring at the iSound for hours on end without remembering what I was supposed to be doing.

You can hook up your iPod to this machine, of course, as well as any other MP3 player. You can also use it to amplify your PlayStation Portable experience.

Beware, though, of the price tag: US$100.