Hyundai HDC10 Hellion two-door crossover concept

Hyundai HDC10 Hellion two-door crossover concept


Tired of sharp edges and hard lines in your compact sport ute? Have a gander at the “wholly organic” exterior styling of the Hyundai HDC10 Hellion concept. Flying like a bat out of hell, this compact crossover was said to be inspired by a hard shell backback, and only comes with two full doors, unlike other similar (are there any) vehicles on the market.

You can take off the canvas roof when the weather is fitting, take a hands-free sip from the removeable hydration station (water dispenser) inside, and stow all your gear in the packs latched onto the seat backs. The rear tail lights shoot out the sides, creating an almost “winged” effect, whereas the oversized wheels and tires add that extra aggression that any sport ute needs.

Still a concept, but it will certainly be interesting to see where the Korean automaker takes this bulbous idea.