Honda reveals Acura Advanced Sedan at LA Auto Show

Honda reveals Acura Advanced Sedan at LA Auto Show


Acura is the upscale brand that Honda has developed for the North American market, bringing plenty of luxury and “modern design” to the table. For their most recent effort, Honda has developed the Acura Advanced Sedan concept. Said to pair “ultra” luxury with a strikingly modern design, the Advanced Sedan is a car with a dual personality.

“The pronounced hood and large grille communicate performance,” said Honda R&D Americas chief designer Dave Marek, “while the jewel-like Acura emblem captures the essence of pure luxury.”

I’m not sure about the whole “jewel-like” business, but this forward-thinking vehicle is certainly different than your average Acura fare. If what happened to the RDX is any indication, however, the Advanced Sedan likely will be stripped away of much of its inspiration when and if it ever makes it to production.