Hello Kitty iPod-laptop set: no warm milk needed

Hello Kitty iPod-laptop set: no warm milk needed


Surely there are enough broke parents out there. Do we really need anymore Hello Kitty stuff? Apparently so.

This is a limited edition set of a laptop and an iPod. The company says only 100 of these sets will be made, so act fast (or just claim that you couldn’t get online fast enough).

The iPod is a 4GB pink nano with the Hello Kitty Design engraved on the back. The laptop is a cleverly disguised Celeron M423-powered Epson NA101 that has a 12.1-inch screen, 40GB of RAM, Combo drive, preloaded Hello Kitty themes and wallpapers, and fingerprint security. Wow! Why would you put fingerprint security on a Hello Kitty item? The kids young enough to appreciate the ever-present kitty will probably wreck the fingerprint reader in no time.

Anyway, should you be lucky enough to secure purchase of one of these limited edition electronics sets, you’ll find yourself paying at least 248,000 yen, which translates to US$2,100.