Mivx MX-760HD dishes out HD content via WiFi

Mivx MX-760HD dishes out HD content via WiFi


Oh, this is so much more than just a portable hard drive. Not only is it capable of streaming high definition content, but it can do that via high-speed 802.11g WiFi!

The MX-760HD Wireless HD Media Center from Mivx is quite the impressive little box of multimedia fun. You’ll have to plop in a hard drive of your own (or buy their optional 200GB to 750GB offerings), but after that, you’ll have wireless access to plenty of streaming content, whether to your NTSC/PAL television, your Windows PC, or whatever other home entertainment setup you happen to rock (including support for DVI, component, composite, stereo, and optical/coaxial digital audio).

On the wired end, you can connect via USB or Ethernet. File support is plentiful, from DivX and WMV to ISO and PCM. The list is just amazing.

Pre-order now for $329 (plus the cost of an internal hard drive).