M2UK is one bulky iPod home theater system

M2UK is one bulky iPod home theater system


Speaker systems for the iPod player have been creeping up in terms of size lately, and this one certainly is a huge one. Good thing it does more than simply crank your tunes.

This is the M2UK, from iSymphony. An update of the poular M2, it’s a large sound-generating sound system made for the iPod-at-home crowd. The speakers are two-way bass-reflex, with a 25mm dome tweeter and a 100mm woofer.

It’s also a front-loading DVD player that can process not only DVDs but also MPEG4s and even CDs. The memory is impressive, at 99 tracks. You can also connect a TV, which will broadcast video and static images from your iPod.

But wait, there’s more. The M2UK has a USB port and a card reader capable of reading 14 kinds of memory sticks and cards. It also has a mundane 20th Century device called a radio, with a 40-station memory.

For those who just have to have a remote, there’s one of those, too, with a full 50 buttons, guaranteeing you’ll spend a couple hours just pushing all the buttons to see what they do.

Pricing on this is expected to be about US$350. The M2UK should be available in time for Christmas.