Hitachi DZHS500A camcorder straddles the great divide

Hitachi DZHS500A camcorder straddles the great divide


Indecision can be a horrible, horrible thing. It can result in severe stagnation, where no decision is ever made, and you’re stuck having nothing at all. For people who can’t decide on whether they should get a DVD or HDD-based camcorder, there is an all-new hybrid solution: the Hitachi DZHS500A.

They haven’t mentioned how big or how fast the on-board hard drive is, but it will surely swallow up your favorite recordable DVD. Not only that, but there’s also an SD slot as well for even more storage of pictures and videos!

Outside of that, we can discern that it has 30x optical and 1200x digital zoom, but we’ll have to wait it out a bit before they announce pricing and availability for this hybrid camcorder with “Cinema Res Advanced Image Processing.”