Can Wi-Fi kill you? No casualties yet.

Can Wi-Fi kill you? No casualties yet.


Is everything bad for you? Some would say so. I’m not sure if Wi-Fi can kill you, but the U.K. Department of Health has been asked to consider that very fact by a concerned former member of Parliament.

Two schools in the U.K. have banned wireless networks from their premises. The was because of health concerns stemming from just one teacher’s health problems alleged to be related to Wi-Fi signals. Add that to one concerned reader who pointed out that some lab tests had discovered Wi-Fi radiation damage in animals. Have we lost perspective here? One teacher complains and the schools ban the entire network?

If Wi-Fi could kill you, we’d have legions of dead coffee drinking-web surfers on our hands already. And didn’t we just go through this with mobile phones? A wide-ranging and very in-depth Stewart report of 2000 found nothing. And Wi-Fi networks operate at a much less harmful frequency than mobile phone networks.

That’s quite enough data for me, and I’m not going to worry about it anymore. If you are concerned, however, don’t wait until you have a headache from just sitting next to a hotspot. Get on the ball and write a letter to Ian Gibson, former chairman of the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee, who’s behind this whole mess.