Waterproof disk, for all your marine storage needs

Waterproof disk, for all your marine storage needs


OK, this was invented either by someone who was looking far into the future or someone who has kids. This thing is definitely useful, but we’re not sure how often you’ll use it to its true functionality.

We’re talking about the waterproof disk, of course. It’s actually a couple of them, with different storage capacities, and they’re made by I-O Data. The product name is HDMC-U, which could stand for High-Density Marine Crustacean Unit.

The specs show that it can keep water out when the disk goes as low as a meter under the surface, and that the disks can withstand being dropped from a height of 122 centimeters. So, that means that you can drop the darn things into a meter-deep pool, but you’d better hope they hit the sand on the bottom.

Look closely at that photo and you’ll see the USB cable that wraps around the disk. You’ll need that to connect to your portable electronics device. We assume, as well, that the USB cable is waterproof.

The models are 8GB and 12GB. Japanese customers can get these waterproof beauties in mid-December for 16,485 yen and 22,050 yen, respectively. For you American dollar-spenders out there, that’s US$142 and US$190.