Video: Nintendo DS learns to do MIDI over WiFi

Video: Nintendo DS learns to do MIDI over WiFi


While the name of this homebrew app — DSMidiWifi — isn’t exactly creative, it is very descriptive. In the video below, you can see all the different things that this super duper cool program can do.

For starters, you can use the touchscreen interface to play a virtual keyboard, streaming the signal over to your computer via WiFi. You can even link up multiple Nintendo DS handhelds to the same computer for a concerted effort, which can be particularly fun when one unit is set up with a simulated Korg KAOSS effects pad. The signal can also go the other way, with live and pre-determined MIDI sounds travelling from the computer to the DS.

If you can put down Elite Beat Agents for just a second, you’ll find a whole new musical experience on your Nintendo DS (Lite).