FCC gives go-ahead to Philips Xenium cell phone

FCC gives go-ahead to Philips Xenium cell phone


Round these parts, it’s not everyday that we get to enjoy a cell phone from Philips. Today is different. Turns out that the FCC not only got their hands on a Xenium, but they’ve already given it their almighty stamp of approval.

From what we can gather, it gives off the impression that it’s an entry-level handset, but it has a decent set of features that will keep Joe Public reasonably amused. The 1.3 megapixel camera is pretty standard fare, as is the 65k color display.

The rest of the spec sheet reads like nearly every other phone on the market — T9, calculator, organizer, world clock, Bluetooth, WAP, and GPRS — but it can record “audio up to 12 minutes in duration.”

No word on pricing or whether any operators are picking this up.