Chery-made mini-Dodge heading to Western Europem

Chery-made mini-Dodge heading to Western Europem


Dodge was once a name that sparked images of big intimidating pickup trucks. The prominent front fascia was designed to represent the strength of the American automaker, but with rising gas prices, a company must go with the flow.

It’s not secret that Dodge is working on a compact-sized car, and this project could be part of a growing partnership with Chery of China. Well, the latest news has it that the micro-Dodge is going to be marketed initially in Western Europe. Later on, they would decide whether the compact would be viable in Mexico and Canada, and then finally the United States.

Chery Automobile is the leading candidate for this partnership, but Dodge is still entertaining offers from PSA/Peugeot-Citroen and Hyundai. Regardless of the developer, we should be expecting something similar to the Dodge Hornet concept, pictured here.