PSX games emulated on PSP via homebrew

PSX games emulated on PSP via homebrew


If you’re not one of those people that camped out for days leading up to November 17th (or if you didn’t unload your life savings on eBay), there’s a good chance that you are not a proud owner of the awe-inspiring PlayStation 3. For this reason, you can’t exactly make use of the PlayStation Network that would let you download legitimate PSone games to your PSP via the PS3.

Fret not, retro game enthusiasts, because the homebrew community is just as enthusiastic as you are about Twisted Metal. They’ve come up with an easy way to get PSX games to run on Sony’s handheld. As with most emulators, this latest solution isn’t without its glitches. Sure, it’ll play most games without too many hiccups, but the intro movie in Final Fantasy 7, for example, won’t play properly.

Moreover, the L2 and R2 buttons don’t seem to be mapped correctly all the time. Still, it’s gotta be worth a shot. Check out the PSP1 Alpha 1 Playstation One Emulator for PSP here.