BMW shrinks Isetta 300 to sub-Mini proportions

BMW shrinks Isetta 300 to sub-Mini proportions


I’m not exactly sure who we should be blaming praising for the design of this unique creation, but it certainly isn’t something you see everyday. Over at the “Mobility: Design in Nomadism” exhibition in Korea, BMW showing off a funky microcar that they call the Isetta 300.

Compared to most other vehicles on the road, the Isetta 300 is easily one of the most lightweight peoplemovers created at just 360kg. Get a couple of NFL offensive lineman and you’re pretty close to an even scale. They built about 15 million of these from 1908 to 1927, putting around in a 2.9L engine good for pushing the car at speeds of up to 68 km/h.

I guess things have come full circle with our growing interest in the ultracompact, from the Toyota Yaris to the Smart ForTwo.