Another tubular iPod dock: Vuum Audio VTi-B1

Another tubular iPod dock: Vuum Audio VTi-B1


Is this the hottest new fad? The tagline that they’ve decided on is “Future, meet the past” and that is particularly apt, considering that this iPod speaker dock from Vuum Audio makes use of functional vacuum tubes. The offering from Rockridge Sound may be more compact, but the VTi-B1 certainly looks more powerful (it’s rocking a pair of 50w max RMS speakers).

This hi-fi stereo system will play friendly with Apple’s multimedia players (naturally), as well as MP3 players and “other audio components”, presumably through an auxilliary jack. I haven’t heard the system myself, but they exclaiming that it will offer “real bass, natural mids and dynamic highs.”

Touted as “a true classic that delivers superior audio in this digital age”, the Vuum Audio vacuum tube-powered VTi-B1 iPod stereo system is available now through London Drugs, CPUsed, Computer Systems Centre, and INSO.