Sony cameras recalled, won’t take pictures

Sony cameras recalled, won’t take pictures


Seems like laptop batteries aren’t their only concern. Sony has discovered a couple of fairly substantial defects in eight Cybershot camera models. Turns out that the LCD “might not display images correctly.” What’s more, the cameras seems to have trouble taking pictures at all, and even when they do, it is not uncommon to find that “images could be distorted.” Naturally, as with the exploding batteries, Sony is offering to fix the problem for free.

Affected models range from those sold in September 2003 to January 2005, though they won’t say exactly how many cameras are having this problem. This isn’t even the first time Sony has recalled their digital cameras: Just last October, they found similar problems in 20 other models.

Sony, once heralded as the leader in the industry, has certainly had its share of woes. And let’s not even get into all the launch issues related to the PlayStation 3.