Haier Black Pearl dons cape as Dmobo Batman Phone

Haier Black Pearl dons cape as Dmobo Batman Phone


When we first came across the Haier Black Pearl early last month, we were impressed by its tiny size, so-called 3D graphics, MP3 playing capabilities, and shiny black exterior. When the device finally made the review rounds, let’s just say it failed to impress.

Other than slapping on a new paintjob, what better way to revitalize a fallen product than to get some juicy licensed content? Well, Warner Bros. probably didn’t give the okay, but that hasn’t prevented the release of the Dmobi i-Rock M8 Batman phone.

Aesthetically, it appears identical to the Haier Black Pearl, except that they’ve included a bunch of Batman iconography in place of the generic pictures you find through Haier’s menu. Other than that, it’s still the el-cheapo craptacular cell phone we’ve seen before.