A twist of the wrist reveals the time


    For my money, you shouldn’t have to work hard to tell the time. Yet that is exactly what the folks who made the Tilt Sensor LED watch want you to do.

    To get the time you have to twist your wrist back and forth. That might not sound like a lot to do, but if you check your watch a few times a day, you’ll be having wrist problems from all that twisting in no time. And once you see the numbers, they last for just 5 seconds. Miss your window, and you have to twist again. (You can choose to have the time flash once a second, but that would drive me crazy, too.)

    The Tilt Sensor is water-resistant for up to 50 meters, although I wonder how much more you’ll have to twist if you’re that far underwater. The case is stainless steel, though, so at least it won’t rust during all those trips under the sea. At least the numbers are a pleasing LED blue.

    If you think all this is worth the effort, twist on over to ThinkGeek and get one for just US$49.99.