V-Moda vibe hi-definition ear buds


    Some people may be content with the headphones that come standard with their recently purchased MP3 player — there certainly is no shortage of iPod-esque white earbuds out there — but for audiophiles who need the most from their music, there is a fairly substantial market out there. The latest premium earbuds to hit the market are the v-moda vibe modaphones.

    Offering a “sophisticated design” that “accentuates the modern individual”, the vibe provides plenty of hi-definition sound. They claim to cover the entire range, from “vibrant bass” to “vivacious highs”, while at the same time, offering passive noise isolation. As is usually the case with premium earbuds, they’ve also included three ultra-soft silicon fittings.

    Available in FlashblackChrome and GunmetalBlack, the v-moda vibe earbuds sell for $101.