iriver starts shipping 4GB clix


    Sure, Apple may dominate the MP3 player market with its 75% share, but that shouldn’t deter you from looking elsewhere for your portable media fix. The iriver clix is probably one of the most fashionable portable music/video players on the market, and now the 4 gigabyte variant is available for your holiday shopping pleasure!

    They’ve kept the price fairly reasonable at just $200. Coincidentally, that’s exactly the same price as a new 4GB iPod nano, except this player has one notable advantage: it also does video. And let’s not forget about the photo feature either.

    Rounding out the specs are an “ultra-bright” 2.2-inch color display, DRM support, the ability to play downloaded games, a claimed 25 hours of battery life, alarm clock, USB 2.0, and a bonus “carry case with screen cleaner.”