Cellfire brings mobile barcodes to the masses

Cellfire brings mobile barcodes to the masses


Coupon clipping is an age old practice, where an entire family can gather around the coffee table, looking to snatch up the next big deal. We’re in the digital age now, so there really is no need for physical coupons anymore. That’s why there’s Cellfire Express, a service that provides digital coupons to your cell phone. Choose from a range of different retailers — Bath & Body Works, Hollywood Video, 1-800-flowers, etc. — and simply show the barcode on your cell phone display to the clerk to receive your discount.

This service isn’t exactly new — Cingular users have had the chance to use it — but now Cellfire Express is in wide release, meaning anyone with an Internet-capable mobile phone can rock digital coupons and score huge discounts.

Check out their official site for more details.