Buffalo WSKP-G Skype phone cuts the wires

Buffalo WSKP-G Skype phone cuts the wires


The next time you make a Skype call, you won’t need to connect yourself to a host computer, because Buffalo has just announced the WSKP-G. This wireless handset can make VoIP calls completely on its own. What this means is that it doesn’t need to link up to a computer running Skype software.

Take this phone and bring it with you everywhere you go, especially if you have ready access to a number of 802.11b/g WiFi hotspots. Security is covered by way of WEP, WPA, and WPA2, and you can juice ‘er up via AC adapter or USB for a solid 2.5 hours of use.

No word on a North American launch, but Japan will get this mid-December for about $207.

What interesting is that today, rival company RTX also announced a wireless Skype handset, claiming that the DUALphone 3088 is the first to work without a computer.