Subaru honors WRC champion with special edition STi


    The Subaru Impreza STi is the street legal rendition of the company’s popular rally car, and to honor the 2001 World Rally Champion — the late Richard Burns — they are unleashing the special edition RB320 STi. You can pretty easily discern where the RB in its name comes from, while the 320 represents how many horses are found under the hood. In addition to a cosmetically upgraded vehicle (lip spoiler, exclusive wheels, mesh grille inserts, etc.), buyers will also receive some nice performance goodies in the way of the Prodrive Performance Pack.

    This upgrade provides for the extra grunt when you need it, as well as improving your handling with a 30mm lower ride, courtesy of the “uprated suspension.” They’ll be auctioning off the first batch of special edition STi’s with proceeds going to the Richard Burns Foundation.