Palm Treo 680 is $199 from Cingular

Palm Treo 680 is $199 from Cingular


$199 isn’t quite free, but it sure beats the $399 that the Palm Treo 680 is selling for directly on the manufacturers website. Cingular today said the smart device will be available to customers beginning Friday, November 24.

What’s so great about this new Treo anyhow?

– A new internal antenna enables a sleeker design;

– An improved phone application on the Treo 680 smart device allows users to dial faster;

– The ability to ignore calls with a quick text message lets users tell a caller “I’m in a meeting” or “Can’t talk now”;

– The large, bright color screen is perfect for viewing email, documents or spreadsheets via DataViz Documents To Go, and even photos and movies;

– The highly regarded built-in QWERTY keyboard has improved buttons, making it even easier to type emails or SMS messages;

– The messaging application displays text-messaging conversations as “threaded chats,” similar to IM, so users can see their entire conversation with a particular person; and

– The Treo 680 smart device also can be used as an MP3 player and has an integrated digital camera, camcorder and video player, with simpler organization for photos and photo slideshows.

It’s also a global roamer, enabling you to make calls from six continents and over 190 countries, with wireless data roaming in more than 115 countries. TeleNav GPS Navigator services are an option, Cingular is also tossing in a 30-day free teaser to the Yahoo! Music Unlimited To Go service and Yahoo! Music For Mobile.