Kingston ships secure 256bit encrypted flash drives

Kingston ships secure 256bit encrypted flash drives


Kingston is out to save your lost and stolen data, their latest product – the Kingston DataTraveler Secure Privacy Edition claims to protect your valuable data from all sorts of attacks. Whether it may be hackers, pick pockets or the Holiday Inn Express swimming pool at 4am, rest assured that it will be safe.

The USB Flash drives claim to fame is being the world’s first drive to secure 100% of its data on-the-fly with 256-bit hardware-based AES encryption. It uses a complex password protocol and a mechanism that locks out hackers after 10 consecutive failed password attempts.

They are built in a titanium-coated stainless steel case, waterproof rated to 4 feet and read and write at speeds of 24 MB/sec and 10MB/sec respectively. The 512MB model is $53 and you can go as big as 4GB ,which i’ve seen floating around online for as little as US $218.