Windows Mobile “Crossbow” not all it’s cracked up to be

Windows Mobile “Crossbow” not all it’s cracked up to be


Just as Windows Mobile 2003 gave way to what most people are rocking these days — WinMo5 — we will soon be in for another iteration of Microsoft’s smartphone software. Dubbed “Crossbow”, this latest Windows Mobile operating system has just gone through its paces at mobile-review, and from what I can gather, they’re saying that it’s not as exciting as one may hope.

In fact, while most people were fully expecting “Crossbow” to be a full-fledged Windows Mobile 6.0, it turns out that there aren’t really enough upgrades and additional features to warrant a full number update. Instead, they feel it more apt to call it Windows Mobile 5.0 Second Edition.

What you can expect to receive when this OS goes live early next year is full compatibility with the 2007 editions of Office and Exchange, Vista-inspired sounds and themes, Windows Live integration, VoIP (SIP) support, and Smart Dial 2.0. On the requirements list are things like 64MB RAM/ROM and a 200MHz processor.

They say things are reasonably speedy, but not anything to lose sleep over. And no, you don’t need to camp out like you did for the PS3 to get this update. Check out the read link for their full review (including plenty of screenshots).