Video: The making of the T-Rex super trike

Video: The making of the T-Rex super trike


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like these three-wheeled vehicles are all the rage with designers these days. They all boast two wheels in the front for manueverability, but a single fat tire in the back, presumably for thrust (like on a bike). The T-Rex is being touted as a “three-wheeled motorcycle” with room for two people, but with its futuristic styling and less than modest engine, it’s actually quite peppy.

The 1.2L four-banging engine is enough to propel this trike (officially classified as a motorcycle) to speeds of up to 225km/h (140mph). The 0-60mph time is pretty impressive at 4.1 seconds, but while inside, it feels more like a track car with its side-by-side seats, adjustable backs, and 3-point retractable safety belts. That said, you operate the manual transmission with your hand.

But how does one go about making something like this? What better way to answer that question than with a video: