N.Tech Vibe NVP 100 rattles the noggin

N.Tech Vibe NVP 100 rattles the noggin


I guess people really are tired of experiencing the unsightly ear wax associated with in-ear headphones, so they’re trying to find solutions wherein you can still fully enjoy your music without ever putting anything in or on your ear. N.Tech hopped on over to the Next Generation Computing Show 2006 to reveal the VIBE NVP 100, a headset that literally shakes your noggin, filling your skull with beautiful melodic music.

It does this through bone conduction. What would normally be considered the “speakers” on a pair of headphones actually vibrate with the sound being played through them. This translates to music in your brain.

Now you can not only hear voices, you can feel them too. And if you’re wondering where the wires are, there aren’t any because this headset rocks Bluetooth 2.0.