High-tech batteries: hottest gadgets of 2007


    Batteries and battery chargers are tired of playing second fiddle to all the technological goodness I get to write about on a daily basis. In fact, here are three powerful (no pun intended) innovations set to take the world by storm in 2007.

    Starting on the left, we have the Turbo Charge cell phone charger. Like its iTurbo for iPod cousin, this device is about the same size as a tube of lipstick, transferring the energy from a single AA battery to your gadget of choice. This is great for those emergency situations when you just can’t tether yourself to a wall outlet. $15.

    In the middle, we have the Ecosol Power Stick, winner of the CES Innovations Award for portable power. You either top this puppy up with the rays of the sun or through a USB port, and then the “gumstick-sized power source” can dish out that stored energy to your device of choice, whether it be a BlackBerry of a digital camera. No word on pricing, as it is still in the prototype stages.

    And on the right, Duracell has the PowerFM. Not only does it top up your iPod nano with some extra playing time, it — as its name implies — adds an FM tuner to the mix. Not exactly a bargain basement solution, though, at $80.

    These are in addition to the innovative (though less that completely exciting) USBCELL rechargeable batteries I reviewed about a week ago. Batteries, it’s your time to shine.